How to Backup Android Phone: The Complete Guide in 2022

Last Updated on January 11, 2022 by Ian McEwan

There is a Necessity to back up your Android Phone

Our mobile phones have become more than just a communication device, it becomes the hub of all our interaction with the world. From contacts to email to messaging to photos to music and everything between, our mobile phones store our lives on ones and zeros.

Being a fragile electronic device, it does require some care, and even the most careful of us all have experienced the trauma of a lost phone or a system crash when you lose all that life-data. This is of course why there is such emphasis placed on backing up our devices.

How to Backup Android Phone

As an Android phone user, I have used several of the backup applications available and I have had mixed success. However, I have also noticed that there are a wide variety of methods to backup Android phones and tablets but not all are user-friendly. Let’s face it, if the process of backing up your Android phone is complicated you are unlikely to do often. Considering that the general rule of thumb for mobile devices, is to back up your Android phone at least once a month, if not more.

So, is there a simple, easy to use application for Android backup and restore? The simple answer is - YES. In my search for the “best” application, I found an app called “Fonelab” for Android devices. And it’s by far the most simple way of performing an Android backup. To backup Android phones, you have 2 ways, backup on to your PC or backup via Google.

How to Backup Android

Thing is though, compared to the other major OS in the mobile market, these ways all seem clumsy and lengthy.

That is where Fonelab makes all the difference. This little application gives you all the abilities you want to back up your Android phone. And of course, it also offers that phone restore option if you need it.

Download DataKit Android Data Backup &Restore. Once it’s installed on your PC, you are ready to safely and easily backup your data. Out of all the ways there are for Android backup, this is by far the most convenient.

The process is simple.

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OneClick to Backup Android Data from any Android Devices to PC.

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Steps to Backup Android With Android Data Backup & Restore

  • Step 1 Download and install the application on your PC.
  • Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download
  • Step 2 Connect your Android phone to your PC via the USB cable. When you open the application, you will see that it recognizes your phone and your phone might ask if you trust the computer, tap YES and you are ready.
  • Step 3 On the application select the following on the menu, Android Data Backup & Restore, then Device Data Backup. You will then see that the application will list the data on your phone. You can back up everything or you can select specific data to back up.
  • Click Device Data Backup
  • Step 4 Click Start. The application will allow you to add a password to the backup if you like, and once completed it will let you know.
  • Click Start and Choose a Destination Succeed to Backup Android

For those who want to know about Android Restore

  • Step 1 Download the application and install it on your PC if you don’t have it. If you do, connect your phone and open the application and select, Device Data Restore on the menu.
  • Step 2 The application will list the backups that you have saved on your PC. Select the dataset that you would like to restore. You may also select specific files within the restore data to restore to your Android phone.
  • Select Backup file to Restore and Clink Start
  • Step 3 Once you have selected the files you want to restore then click on start to complete the process.
  • Succeed to Restore Backup Messages


Using Fonelab Android Data Backup & Restore is much easier than any other method I have used. Compared to the cloud-based method via Google, I found that Fonelab does not require you to set up anything on your phone at all. It’s a simple process of connecting and click. It’s as easy as it can get and simple to navigate to the function that you desire.

You are also not required to have any data connections on your phone to complete the backup or restore process. So, if your Android phone is damaged and cannot connect to the mobile network, you are still able to connect it to your PC and use Fonelab Android Data Backup & Restore to retrieve your data. The application is also compatible with all the major Android phone brands.

This makes Fonelab the most simple and most user-friendly Android backup software that I have ever used, I highly recommend Fonelab for any Android phone user.