How to View AT&T Text Messages and Phone Record Online

Best ways to view all AT&T messages online, including “text messages, group text messages, picture messages, video messages, message read and delivery receipts, or messages attachments such as audio clip, calendar invitation, contact, or any other file”.

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“Can I Check My AT&T Text Message Records Online?”

Are you an AT&T user and would like to retrieve or check AT&T text message online? Well, you are in luck. The AT&T service provider enables users to access the text message phone records online using their smartphones, tablets, and computers just like other mobile companies in the USA eg U.S Cellular. This is especially beneficial if you are looking to track your monthly message bill or when you want to retrieve your lost or accidentally deleted text messages or cell phone records.

AT&T phone records text messages

“Primary Account Holder Can View At&T Text Messages Online. But How Long Does AT&T Keep Text Messages?”

The AT&T customers are able to view their AT&T text history and AT&T cell phone records through the official AT&T website or by logging in to the platform from where you are able to gain access to cloud backed up and synchronized AT&T text history and AT&T cell phone records from the last 90 days.

What happens to messages stored in the AT&T cloud after 90 days? Click here to find out.

Below, we will narrate to you some step-by-step methods to gain access to your AT&T text message records.

Method 1 [Official]. View AT&T Text Messages With The Help of AT&T Messages Backup & Sync

Part 1. Set Up your AT&T User ID

Before you can log in to any of the above-mentioned platforms and gain access to your message history, it is mandatory to possess an AT&T user ID or access ID.

This is a pin code set up to verify your identity and enable you to log in to multiple accounts without having to start the registration process all over again. The AT&T user ID is relatively easy to set up in case you do not have one already.

  1. Navigate to the AT&T official website and click Create one now.
  2. Fill in the provided online form with your correct details such as Account number, Phone number and zip code among other details when prompted, enter to verify your details.
  3. Choose how to receive your verification code.
  4. Enter the sent verification code.
  5. Now create your password and Access ID.
  6. Enter contact information for your access ID.
  7. Answer security questions.
  8. Accept the AT&T User ID terms and conditions.
  9. Click on the Finish activation button to set up everything.
“Will it have what was texted and received or just to who and times?”

Part 2. Check AT&T Text Messages Logs Online Using an Online User Account

Checking your AT&T messages using an online user account is a fairly straightforward process as you only need to know your User ID to get set up with an account. On the AT&T online platform, you can only access the number of text messages sent or received over a specific period of times, the numbers that were contacted and who contacted you, but, not the actual text messages content.

Although this is enough for people looking to track their monthly text message bill, it is not useful for those looking to AT&T view text messages.

Here is How to view at&t text message logs:

You can check the records of messages sent and received at by follow the steps below:

  1. Log in with your At&t account.
  2. Go to myAT&T > My wireless > Check usage.
  3. From the Usage page, scroll down and check the Usage by number and select the line you want to check.
  4. Hit on the Data, text & talk logs.

Part 3. How to Check AT&T Text Messages Online on the platform.

The platform is where users can access cloud backed up and synchronized text messages for up to a period of 90 days. This platform was set up to take care of concerns from people looking to retrieve their messages and couldn't do so using a user account. For you to access this platform, however, you need an LTE enabled device as well as an access ID. iPhone users, however, may want to disable the messenger application because it conflicts with AT&T messages. Use on the Android platform is smooth and there is even a dedicated Android app set up to make access easier here.

Pro tips: About the AT&T Cloud Storage Limits for AT&T Message:

  1. Messages will be deleted from AT&T Messages cloud storage after 90 days.
  2. Messages prior to 90 days will be deleted in the following cases:
    • When you have 50000 or above messages stored in the AT&T cloud storage, messages older than 10 days will be deleted automatically.
    • When the file size of the messages is more than 4GB, messages size bigger than 2KB will be deleted automatically.
  3. The service of Your Messages cloud storage will be terminated and all AT&T messages stored online will be deleted without notice, if the cloud storage remain inactive for more than 90 days.

If you reach the aforementioned limit and you can’t find the text message on your smartphone, then you check the method here to view your old AT&T messages.

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Method 2. Recovering Old AT&T Text Messages

Your messages deleted from the cloud storage due to the aforementioned storage limit will still remain on your phone. However, if you accidently delete your messages from your phone, you can still be able to view your AT&T messages and any other deleted file. But only with a little help from a data recovering program.

So, if you can’t view AT&T Messages online with the official method, or AT&T messages got deleted due to the AT&T cloud storage limit, try the best phone data recovery software – Fonelab and Fonelab for Android.

To get back your AT&T text message, all you need to do is:

  • Download and install the iPhone or Android data recovery program on your PC/Mac.
  • Launch the program and connect your iPhone or Android to your computer.
  • Follow the onscreen instruction and scan the phone.
  • Preview and select those file you want to recover.

Retrieve Deleted AT&T Text Messages Content and Cell Phone Records

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Method 3 [No Limit]. Check AT&T Messages And Phone Record Online Remotely

With Method 1, you can view your own AT&T messages online. But how about you don’t have the target phone for the moment, or you want to tracking those AT&T Phone Record and AT&T messages sent and received on your AT&T family members’ or your partner’s phone? That is another level of message checking. Hence, before things get complicated, you can try to use a phone tracker, specially designed for anxiety parents or lovers.

One of the most reliable and safety spying apps is mSpy, which is pretty easy to use and can help you monitor all message on the target phone, including AT&T text messages, iMessages, messages in WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, KiK, Viber, LINE, Snapchat, etc.

Aside from messages, you can also use mSpy to:

  • Track the GPS location of the target phone and set up a Geo fence.
  • Monitor every keystroke the owner type on all app.
  • Screen record and audio record on all app.
  • Track any other activities on the target phone.

All the features mentioned above work in stealth mode and won’t lag the phone. So nobody will find out, which makes mSpy a really good parental spying app.

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To check AT&T messages online without the target phone and track the whereabouts of the target phone, just follow the step below to start:

Step 1: Create a free account

Click the button below and register a free account with your email address.

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Step 2: Configuration the app

Follow the instruction provided by mSpy and choose the target device to configurate the app.

Step 3: View and track AT&T message, phone record and any other information remotely

Log into the control panel on your pc or cell phone. Then choose message among the function area of the daskboard. Then you can sit behind and view every AT&T messages sent or received, including the information about the sender/receiver, and the AT&T message attachment, like picture, video, audio clip and calendar invitation, etc.

Other Methods to Read AT&T Text Messages

If the aforementioned methods do not appeal to you there are some other methods you would want to check out:

  • In case you are using an AT&T phone, you can gain access to your messages by linking it to a google voice phone number. With this, your AT&T phone records text messages effectively on Google voice online platform.
  • Users not happy with the AT&T Android application may want to try the Data Recovery for iOS/ Android that basically does the same thing albeit with a different experience.


What happens to messages stored in the AT&T cloud after 90 days?

AT&T will delete all the messages that are older than 90 days from the cloud backup, not from your smartphone. However, if the messages you are looking for are also deleted locally, you can only count on method 2 to help.

Can you get a printout of text messages from AT&T? And how far back can I print off text message info?

Sure, as long as you use method 2 or method 3, you can export those text messages from AT&T to .txt file.

How to get phone records from AT&T?

Just like getting text messages from AT&T. You can use method 2 and 3 to track the phone record from the past to the future.