(1 Min Done)How to Find and Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android

Last Updated on December 1, 2022 by Jack Robertson

The text messages keep the bits and pieces of the chattings with your loved ones, business partners, important clients. Every piece of them is so important, you’d better back up your Android text messages in case there’re accidents.

With the backup, you can easily restore your Android text messages if you accidentally delete them. No big deals, right?

However, if you’re someone who doesn’t back up your data or you haven’t had the time to back up the latest text messages, that can be pretty bad as you may lose them forever.

Why did I say “may”? Well, nothing is for sure, even if you didn’t have a backup, there’re ways to retrieve your Android text messages. In this article, whether you have a backup of your Android text message or not, you will find the right method to recover them back to your Android Phone!

Method 1: Retrieve Your Deleted Text Messages on Android via Android Data Recovery

We suffer from wrong deletion from time to time, not just text messages, but also, the WhatsApp chats, videos, photos, etc. None of them deserves to vanish forever. To get the deleted text messages back, let's use echoshare Android Data Recovery!

echoshare Recovers Text Messages and More Data on Android

With echoshare, you should not have this worry anymore. It covers all the above data types. For Android SMS Recovery, it will recover the:

  • Receiver and sender of the conversation, included the phone numbers;
  • Every single word of the conversation;
  • All the attachments, like videos, photos;

You will have the deleted text messages recovered like what they were before!

Now, download the program on your computer and let’s start to retrieve your precious Android text messages back.

Recover on Win Now Recover on Mac Now Recover on Win Now Recover on Mac Now

Start to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android

Step 1

Launch the program on your computer and choose Recover Lost Data from the interface.

Step 2

Connect your Android to the computer via a USB cable. It may prompt you to enable USB debugging, follow the on-screen instruction to complete that.

Step 3

On the new screen, you need to decide the data that you want to recover based on the data category.

Check Messages and click Start to proceed. Of course, if you have other deleted data, check the option.

Step 4

The program will start to scan the device for the deleted messages.

During the scan, the program will ask for permission to access your Android’s storage, tap Allow on the phone screen.

Step 5

In a few minutes, the scan will be done and you will see all the messages on the panel.

Browse and choose the deleted text messages that you need, click the Recover button and retrieve them.

Wait for a while as the recovery is complete, and you will have the deleted text messages back. This time, form a good backup habit.

Tip: How Deletion Works and How echoshare Helps

When there’s new data on your Android phone, let’s say a new text message, it will be written to the physical hard drive of your phone. And it appears on the screen and you can read it.

When you delete the message, your system will remove it from the screen. But on the hard drive, it won’t be removed but replaced and rewritten.

So, after the deletion, if you’re lucky enough - the area of the deleted text message on your hard drive gets no new data, you can easily retrieve it back to your phone with the help of a correct tool.

And yes, echoshare Android Data Recovery is exactly the one that can detect and recover the deleted messages on your Android hard drive.

Method 2: Find and Recover Your Deleted Android Text Messages from Previous Backup

There’re so many backup services online and offline. For Android phones, the handiest choice is always the one provided by the company where the phone comes out. Also, we should never ignore the powerful Google Backup.

Below, we will see how to recover the deleted text messages from the previous backup files. Note that you can apply to the methods when you've activated the cloud backup on your Android.

Option 1: Recover Deleted Text Messages from Default Backup

iPhone and iPad have the famous iCloud. Samsung has the Samsung Cloud and OnePlus has the OnePlus Switch, etc.

If you’re using the default cloud backup option that your Android provides, it will automatically save the messages sent and received on the phone. So, you don’t need to worry that there isn’t the text message you want on the backup file.

Take a Oneplus phone as an example:

  1. Launch the Settings app first;
  2. Tap on (Username);
  3. Find Cloud;
  4. Choose to Restore Data.

Option 2: Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from Google Backup

Apart from the default cloud services, there are other options as well, such as Google backup.

I think almost every one of us has a Google account, right? Once you sign in to your Google account on the Android phone, you can activate the auto-backup feature on Google backup and let it save your data every few hours.

But all in all, you need to make sure the service is on, right? So, first thing first, let’s see if Google has backed up your text messages or not.

How to Find Deleted Text Messages from Google backup

On your Android phone, go to Settings, scroll down and find the Google option. Tap on it and enter the Google Account interface.

If you’ve signed in, you can see your Gmail and your account name there. Find Backup. There, you will see the Backup management page. Check Backup details - SMS & MMS messages, tap on it and find the messages you want!

Now, you have two choices, either you:

  • note down everything from the text messages, numbers, contents, contacts,
  • or recover the text messages to the Android phone or another device.

Steps to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Google Backup

To recover text messages from Google backup, you need to reset your Android first and then log in to the Google account on the phone again after the reset.

That’s what Google backup requests. You can only retrieve data to a factory setting phone with Google backup. If you’re okay with that, let’s start!

Step 1 : Reset your Android Phone

On your Android, go to the Settings app. From this list, find the access to Factory Reset. Since there are different brands of Android mobiles and they tend to plant the access on different options, like General, Backup & Reset, System, etc.

Tap on the related option and find the Reset option. Tap on it and enter your screen password to confirm the reset. Then, wait for a while and the reset will be complete.

Step 2 : Recover data from the Google backup

Launch the factory setting phone, set it up. Next, tap Settings - Google, and sign in the account. Once complete, Google will list the previous devices’ names. You need to choose your current device’s name so that all the data stored on it before will be restored.

Bonus: Restore Deleted Text Messages from Google Drive without Reset

If you hate to do a factory reset on your Androud, don't worry. Let's retrieve your deleted text messages with UltData for Android. This is a perfect Google backup extrator that can help you download text messages from Google Drive without reset.

You won't need to go through complext factory reset precess. Better still, while the default restoration process of Google will recover all messages to your Android phone, UltData for Android lets you select what you need. You can browse, select, and finally recover the text messages.

Download UltData for Android and let's recover your deleted text messages from Google backup!

Recover on Win Now Recover on Mac Now Recover on Win Now Recover on Mac Now

Step 1

Launch UltData for Android on your computer and choose Recover Google Drive Data from the interface. Sign in with your Google account.

Step 2

After the login, choose Recover Device Data to proceed. Next, the program will display all the backup files on Google Drive for you. Choose one and click View.

Step 3

Lastly, you can browse all the data saved on this backup file. Click on Messages, find the deleted text messages you need. Click Recover to complete the process.


1 How to Undelete Text Messages?

To undelete your text messages are pretty difficult for phones and tablets. You need to use the right tools or you have backed up your device before.

Otherwise, there’s no such Undelete option on your Android or iPhone to get the deleted text messages back.

Want to know how to undelete text messages? Easy, follow this:

  • Step 1: Download and install Android or iPhone Data Recovery on a computer.
  • Step 2: Launch it, choose Android or iPhone Data Recovery tab from the interface.
  • Step 3: Connect your Android or iPhone to the computer, click Scan.
  • Step 4: Choose Messages & SMS Attachments and click Recover to complete.
2Can You Get Back Deleted Texts?

Sure, you can get back deleted texts. No matter what texts you delete, like SMS, Notes, WhatsApp chat messages, etc, there’s always ways to recover them.

3How to Back Up Text Messages on Android?

You can use Google Backup to save your text message on Android.Try this.

On your Android phone, go to Settings, find Google and sign in with your gmail account. Tap Back up - Back Up Now.