Easy Android SMS Backup & Restore - Recover and Back up Messages

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

There are countless vital SMS on your Android phone and losing them will bring you wretched trouble. However, there is always something unexpected happening to your daily life. For example, your phone needs to be reset, you lose your phone accidentally, or you just simply want to use a new phone. In case of these situations, many people choose to back up their important SMS to their PC regularly as a precaution. Nevertheless, some people even experience the loss of their SMS and want to recover their lost text messages. Therefore, software with backup and restore functions can benefit you a lot. This passage is about Android SMS Backup & Restore. If you are interested in this, please keep reading.

Android SMS Backup & Restore

DataKit Android Data Backup & Restore is easy to operate, a safe and convenient program provided for users to backup and restore data on your phone. Besides, it also provides encryption to protect user’s privacy.

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OneClick to Backup Android Data to PC and Restore with Ease.

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Part 1:Backup Android SMS to PC

  • Step 1: Download DataKit Android Data Backup & Restore and install it according to the instruction.
  • Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download
  • Step 2: Connect the mobile-phone to the PC with a USB data cable.
  • Note: During the connecting process, please make sure that your Android phone is in USB debugging mode.

  • Step 3: After downloading, run the software and click "Android Data & Restore" and then click "Device Data Backup".
  • Select Android Data Backup &Restore
  • Step 4: You can choose the data that you want to backup. This program enables you to backup not only messages but also other data.
  • Click Device Data Backup

    Note: If you want to set a password to protect your data, please choose "Encrypted Backup".

    Tick Messages to Backup Encrypted
  • Step 5: Click “Start” after choosing data. This process may take a few minutes. When a pop-up window with "OK" appears, the whole backup work is done and you can check out your backup files.
  • Succeed to Backup Android SMS
Isn’t it very convenient? After this process, we will show you how to restore the data.

Part 2:Restore SMS from Android Backup file

  • Step 1: Open the program. Connect your phone to PC. Please make sure that your Android phone is in USB debugging mode.
  • Step 2: Click "Device Data Restore"
  • Select Device Data Restore
  • Step 3: Open USB debugging mode and tap “OK” on the screen of your phone.
  • Step 4: Scan the files that you backup before and then choose the backup file that you want to restore.
  • Select Backup file to Restore and Clink Start
  • Step5: Preview and select those messages that you want to get back. Click the "Restore" button then it will start restoring. It may take you a few minutes.
  • Note: During the process, please do not disconnect or use the device in case of disruption.

    Tick Messages Restore
  • Step 6: When the program turns to the “Congratulation!” page, click “OK”. Then the whole process is done and you can check your data on your Android phone.
  • Succeed to Restore Backup Messages

Part 3:Restore the Deleted Text Messages

If you just lose your vital SMS without any backup. Don't worry. What's worth to mention is that this program enables you to recover the data that you delete mistakenly or unconsciously.

  • Step 1: The same as the previous process, you should download Android Data Backup & Restore and then make sure that your phone is connected to your PC perfectly.
  • Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download

    Remember that your Android phone should be in USB debugging mode. Then click “Android Data Recovery”.

    Select Android Recovery Module
  • Step 2: When your device is detected by your PC, you will be asked to choose the file types. Please choose "Messages" and "Message Attachments".
  • Check Message and Message Attachments to Recover
  • Step 3: After several seconds, click "Messages" and "Message Attachments" on the left column. You will see the existing SMS and the deleted SMS. Select those that you want and then click “Recover” to rescue the messages from your Android phone.
  • Select Deleted or Lost SMS and Click Recover