How to Recover Files from Android SD Card - SD Card Data Recovery for Android

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Ian McEwan

Different from iPhone, some Android phones support the use of SD cards to expand memory or transfer files such as Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7 and Honor Note. With a small sd card, Data transferring becomes very convenient, and we Android users like to save and store our pictures, videos, contacts, songs and other files on SD cards, in order not to slow down the operating speed of our phones. However, it’s inevitable that the small SD card will lose or be destroyed. SD card data recovery for Android will be an important way to make for our loss.

Which we do not want to see, various factors may cause accidental data loss, such as error deletion, formatting, SD card damage or virus attacks. What if one of those cases happens? Can we still find our cherished memories back(recover photo from android sd card)? Although it’s difficult to get back lost deleted files since there is no recycle or trash function for Android device, we can still track back our data by using an SD card recovery tool, provided that you have not overwritten some new information on your SD card.

Below are two solutions that can help you to recover files from your phone sd card, select a method that suit for your situation and follow the steps. you will have your files back.

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How to Recover Files from Android SD Card with Android SD Card Recovery

Here we are going to introduce you this kind of magic tool, which can help us achieve our goal, without going to mobile phone repair shop to have it fixed, spending too much money. The tool named Android Data Recovery, which is strongly recommended here. It’s really an ideal Android recovery software, being able to recover deleted or lost files on the SD card before. What’s more, it supports the recovery of various file types such as contacts, photos, videos, audio and other else. Do you want to repair your Phone by yourself? Ready to awake your lost memories?

Please follow the steps below and find your cherished data back!

Above all, you are supposed to download this app free.

Step 1 Launch the program

You have to install the application on your computer after it has downloaded. Then double click the program to launch the application. Now connect your Android phone to the PC by using a USB cable. It will take you several seconds to have your device information checked completely.

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Step 2 Activate the USB Debugging Mode

Make sure that the USB debugging mode is available on your phone. In case that you have never motivated the USB debugging mode and wonder how, please follow the steps on screen to open USB debugging mode. Never mind, it’s quite easy. Click OK to go on.

Step 3 Select File Type

In this step, you are going to choose the file types you want to recover, if you want to recover just messages or videos, simply click the boxes beside them, however, if you want to recover all of the files, click Select All, then click Next to move on.

Step 4 Acquire Privilege

Your Android smartphones are supposed to be scanned by the software. But firstly the program needs to be authorized to scan the phone. Just try the instructions on the screen has told you, tap Allow, Grant or Authorize when there are pop-up windows on your phone. If there is no pop-up window showing up on your phone, you are supposed to click Retry.

Step 5 Recover files

Here comes the final step, you can see all of the missing files have come back on the screen. You are allowed to preview the contents of the free version, however, you need to pay for the full version to recover them to your computer. Finally, the missing files will come back to your computer.

Well done, you must have tracked back your missing treasure, haven’t you? Indeed, Android Data Recovery is such a convenient program that it cannot only be used to recover lost data from internal memory but also SD card.

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How to Recover Files from Android SD Card without Rooting

Rooting your Android Phone might lead to loss of data sageless on your phone in future and you will lose the official atfer sales guarantee. So if you don't want to root your android phone, here is still a way for you to recover files from the sd card.

As we know, sd card is not only for phone, you can use it on camera, camcorder and even on pc only you have a SD card reader . Taking that into our consideration, we can recover sd card files via a computer with a usb sd card reader. To do that, you need PC Data Recovery Software, which is very powerful to recover deleted or lost files from hard drive, SD card, CF card, MMC card, XD card and SDHC card.

Let's start to recover now:

Step 1 Download and Install PC Data Recovery on your Computer.

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download Get Free Trial via Email for Later Download on Computer

Step 2 Take out the SD card from your Android Phone and insert the SD card into a compatible SD card reader, then connect the SD card reader to your computer with a USB Cable.

Step 3 Launch the program and the SD card will be listed automactically. Select to recover data from the SD card and Start to Scan.

Step 4 The Scanning will take you a while. When it finishes, just preview and tick those files that you need and recover them to your computer.

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