How to Recover Files when It’s Missing/Deleted on Android SD Card

Last Updated on April 18, 2023 by Jack Robertson

When the internal storage of your Android phone is not enough, simply get a SD card and insert it for a bigger storage. Be it photos, videos, documents, audio, you can store them in the SD card without slowing down your Android.

Things run well until you accidentally delete files from the Android SD card. This happens a lot when we clear up storage in the SD card. Or, the files in your Android SD card disappear by themselves and you have no idea why this happens. In either case, your data is gone from the SD card and you may worry about losing them forever.

Luckily, there’re ways to undo such deletion - you can use the Android SD card recovery software. With one of these tools, you can get your deleted files recovered from your SD card on Android. In this article, I will show you two SD data recovery tools for Android phones, you can download one and start to get your deleted or missing SD card data back! Note that neither of them require rooting and reset!

Method 1: Recover Files from Android SD Card with Android Data Recovery Software

When the data of your SD has been viewed or used on the Android phone, it will produce some cache files. These caches are exactly where you can recover the SD card data from. With a professional Android data recovery tool, we’re capable of finding the lost SD card data on our phone and recovering them anywhere we like.

To achieve that, try echoshare UltData for Android, an all-around phone data recovery tool. The program can scan, display, and recover all the deleted files from your Android phone and Android SD card. As long as the cache files are still there, there’s nothing that UltData cannot recover.

Videos, audio, documents, audio, and several other types of data are all supported by UltData for Android. No matter what data you’ve deleted or lost, simply apply to UltData for Android and get it back in minutes.

Besides file recovery from Android phones, the program also supports WhatsApp data recovery and Google drive data recovery as well. If you can’t find your WhatsApp messages or Google backup files, this program helps too!

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Steps to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card on Phone

Step 1 Launch the program

Launch UltData for Android on your computer after you download it. On its interface, choose Recover Lost Data to start.

Step 2 Connect the Android to the PC

Make sure that the USB debugging mode is available on your phone.

Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone and the computer. Note that you should keep the SD card inserted in your Android.

While connecting them, you may see a prompt on the screen - “Enable USB Debugging”. Follow the tips on UltData’s screen to enable that.

Step 3 Select File Type

USB debugging is enabled? UltData is able to detect your phone now.

On the new screen, you can choose the data type to which the missing SD card data belongs. Click Start to let UltData scan for the lost data you want.

Step 4 Browse the scan result

UltData will take a while to scan all the data on your Android and the SD card. When it’s done, you’re available to browse and find the lost data you want.

Step 5 Recover lost SD card files

After the selection, click Recover and UltData will start downloading the lost data to your phone.

Wait for the completion and plug out your Android phone after that.

Method 2: Recover Files from Android SD Card with SD Card Recovery Software

Besides phone data recovery tools, we can surely apply to a professional SD card recovery program such as echoshare Data Recovery.

This is a handy data recovery tool for multiple storage devices like computers, SD cards, USB drives, and hard drives. Besides recovering deleted data from an SD card, the program can handle a corrupted or formatted SD card as well.

Therefore, with the program, no matter what has happened to your SD card, don’t worry, you can fix it and get the data back eventually!

What data does echoshare Data Recovery support? Well, that’s a lot, images, audio and videos, emails, documents, and many others.

Now, download this program, and let’s start to recover your data from the Android SD card right away.

Steps to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card

Step 1 Sync your Android SD card to echoshare Data Recovery

On your computer, launch echoshare Data Recovery after the easy download and installation.

Then, take out an SD card reader, insert your SD card for Android, and plug the reader into the computer.

Step 2 Select the target data type

Next, on the program’s interface, tick the “USB devices/SD Card” option.

Look down and you can see several data types: Video,Image, etc. Based on the data you’ve lost, choose the related one(s), click Next to proceed.

Step 3 Recover deleted SD card data

The program will scan all the disappeared data in this SD card. When it’s done, browse and choose the data you’re longing for, click Recover to get them back!



1Why are my files disappearing on my SD card?

There’re plenty of reasons for this error, one of the most common ones is that your SD card is corrupted or one partition is corrupted. Some of the data therefore disappears for no reason.

Also, if the storage space of your SD card already hits the line and you insist on adding more, eventually, the total size of the data surpasses the storage limit of the SD card. To hold the new data, your SD card will compress some of the old data. The compress will damage the files and therefore you can open them or even find them.

As for other reasons, it can be a virus in your SD card or you mis-handle the SD card, like dropping it on the ground or into water, placing it near heat, etc. Also, a force eject will damage the stability of the SD card and therefore make some data disappear.