[Solved]How to Enter Android Recovery Mode for Samsung, LG, HTC

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

One of our subscribers asked for help in the community:

My Samsung phone has been acting strangely for a while. Someone told me to enter Samsung Phone Recovery Mode for troubleshooting. But I’ve never heard of Samsung Phone Recovery Mode, what is it and what can this mode do?

Have you heard of Android recovery mode and android download mode? How to let Android reboot into recovery mode? What problems can you use this recovery mode to fix your Android device?

Let me walk you through all these questions:

All Android gadgets come with a built-in feature called Android recovery mode which refers to a special bootable partition. It can be used to access your device’s other features without accessing the operating system. It is particularly useful when the OS becomes faulty. For example, the device gets stuck in a frozen screen, black screen or other unresponsive scenarios.

The recovery mode also helps you finish some tasks like rooting Android phones or tablets in order to deeply customize your device, resetting your phone or even updating the Android system .

When you are in Android recovery mode, you will have several options below:

Reboot system now: Exit the recovery mode and get your Samsung back to normal state.

Reboot to bootloader: It's designed for developers and often used to fix applications bugs. More Reading: What is a bootloader?

Apply update from ADB: Update your Android System with Android Debug Bridge .

Apply update from SD card: The option allows you to detect update information from external storage.

Wipe data/factory reset: This will wipe all of your data (photos, videos, music, apps, everything) and return the phone to factory conditions ready to be setup all over again.

Wipe cache partition: This is will delete temporary system data, mostly cache data of apps. But your personal data or settings will be fine.

Mount /system

View recovery logs: Your recovery history will be listed for your review.

Run graphics test

Power off

Now I will show you how to boot into Samsung recovery mode, LG recovery mode and HTC recovery mode in the below section.

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1 How to Enter Samsung Recovery Mode

You can do these steps to boot your Samsung handset to recovery mode:

Step 1 Power off your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+S8/S8+/S7/S7 Edge/S6/S6 Edge/S5/S4, Samsung Note in the beginning.

Step 2 Press and hold these buttons simultaneously: Power button + Home button + Volume Up button.

Step 3 Release all buttons when the Samsung logo shows up on the screen.

Step 4 The device reboots and then you can use the Volume button or swipe up and down to select the recovery mode and the Power button to confirm the operation.

2 How to Boot into Recovery Mode on LG Phone

For LG G6/G5/G4/G3/V10/V20/V30, follow these steps to put your phone into recovery mode.

Step 1 Turn off your LG Smartphone.

Step 2 Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time.

Step 3 Let go the buttons when you see a menu appearing.

Step 4 Then move to the Recovery mode.

Step 5 Use the Volume button to make a selection and the Power button to make a decision.

3 How to Set Your HTC to Recovery Mode

There is an extra step before turning off your HTC phone:

Step 1 You should disable the ‘Fastboot’ of your HTC phone by going to Settings – Battery, and then uncheck the Fastboot option.

Step 2 Power off the HTC phone completely.

Step 3 Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons together.

Step 4 Release the buttons when a menu appears on the screen.

Step 5 Navigate to Recovery mode under the Bootloader Mode using the Volume Down button and confirm the option by using the Power button.

Some users may encounter the ‘Android recovery mode no command’ error when try to apply the recovery mode for fixing a system problem.

To fix the error, you can try several combinations of keys one by one as below:

  • Volume Up + Volume Down keys.
  • Power + Volume Down keys.
  • Power + Volume Up keys.
  • Power + Home + Volume Up keys.
  • Power + Home + Volume Down keys.

You can also try other different key combinations that you may think of until the Recovery menu comes up. Then go ahead and select whatever task you want to do in the recovery mode.

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