Recover Deleted Contact, Photo,Call Log, Message, Video, Audio, Document, Note and more on your Android Phone with Android Phone File Recovery Software.

Recover Deleted Files on Android Phone - Android Phone Recovery

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Jason Ben

It was all too fast before I realized what happened! I accidentally deleted all my contacts in the Samsung Galaxy with just a swipe. There’s a very important meeting tomorrow and I’m the organizer. Now the numbers are all gone, I’m desperate! What I can do now? How to undelete my Android?

Take a deep breath and calm yourself down if the same things happen to you. Even if you never back up your phone, you can recover deleted files on an Android phone in easy steps. Android file Recovery is always there to help you recover deleted files on Android, in case of unexpected break-down, virus attack, water damage, system upgrading or any other circumstances.

Keep in mind that if you continue to use your phone after you lost files, it will create new data and automatically cover the deleted data. Once overwritten, the deleted data is likely unrecoverable. Therefore, make sure you stop using your phone and start recovery with Android Data Recovery as soon as possible.

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Recover Deleted SMS, Contact, Photos, Call Log, WhatsApp Chat, Videos and more.

Recover Deleted Files on Android Phone with Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery is a safe, fast and effective Android Phone Recovery tool when it comes to undeleting files on android phone. It allows users to restore data both from Android internal storage or SD card. It supports a great variety of android devices including Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Sony and all the smart phones with Android system. You can get a full protection of photos, music, videos and documents. At the same time, no worry about key information such as contacts, messages, message attachments and call logs.

Check out the steps of how to recover deleted files. Here we will take Samsung as an example. It will be done in just a few minutes.

Step 1 Connect to Android Data Recovery

Download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer. Launch it. Plug your mobile device into the computer, then unlock it.

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Step 2 Open USB debugging mode

If the Android version is 4.2 or later, open Settings. Go to About phone, then tap Build number for 7 times. Toggle Developer options to on. If it fails, try to reconnect or change another USB cable.

Allow USB debugging. Tap OK when it pops up and asks for permission.

Step 3 Choose the files to be recovered

Now you can see all the types of files in this interface. Select the ones you want to recover, then click Next. It will take a few seconds to scan all the data on your device.

Step 4 Get Privilege to Root Your Android phone

The software will try to get root permission. This is necessary to access all files on your Android phone, and the privacy of your phone is fully under protection. Tap Allow if it pops up, or Retry if the program fail to root your phone. Then the scanning will continue.

Step 4 Preview and select files

When the data scanning finishes, you will be able to see all the files on your device. The left column shows the types of files available for recovery. If you click Gallery for instance in Step 4, all the photos on your phone will appear on the right.

Mind that the red files are those deleted or lost, while the black ones are those existing on your phone. Click only display the deleted item(s) to view data respectively. Then click Recover to finish the process. The files you choose will be restored to your computer.

Do you know how to recover deleted files on Android phone now? This app is absolutely necessary and helpful not only at work but also in life. With free download and free trial, there is no reason for you to miss the powerful Android Data Recovery.

Download Android Phone Phone Data Recovery FREE Now!

Purchase Android Phone Phone Data Recovery Now!

Recover Deleted SMS, Contact, Photos, Call Log, WhatsApp Chat, Videos and more.