Android No Command Error, What You Need to Do to Fix It

Last Updated on March 31, 2022 by Angelos Chronis

You might not know it but every time you reboot your Android device, be it a tablet or a phone, you run the risk of encountering a host of errors that will prevent it from loading up and keep it stuck in the bootup loop.

It was recently that I found out too. I rebooted my Xiaomi Redmi Android phone and instead of getting the regular Redmi logo and then the prompt to enter my PIN code, I got another screen instead, saying “No Command on Android”.

The worst part was that there was nothing I could do other than wait for the error to go away.

After what seemed like a very long wait, I was able to regain control of my phone and started looking up what had just happened. Here is what I found about the "Android no command" error and how to fix it.

What is causing the Android no command error

In order to fix an issue we have to understand it first. So, let us begin with a short explanation of what the "Android no command error is.

Every time you reboot your Android device, there is a stream of commands that are executed automatically, like loading certain features or system apps. If something fails to load or one of those commands is not given, your device stops in its tracks and stays in the reboot loop. If you are lucky, it might go away after a few minutes, but this is rarely the case. Usually, it stays there until something is done about it.

So, what can be done?

Force restart your device

While I was lucky enough with my phone, we will assume that yours stays stuck in the boot loop forever. The first thing you should try is to force restart your device.

How it's done:

Samsung Devices

Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time till the phone reboots.

Google Pixel Devices

Press and hold the Power button for 30 seconds.

LG Devices

Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously.

HTC Devices

Hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons until the device vibrates.

Forcing your Android device to reboot should give it a chance to reinitialise some processes and, hopefully, if the issue is minor, load properly without displaying the "Android no command error" error.

Go into recovery mode

If forcing your Android device to reboot didn't work out for you, you can go into recovery mode. From there, you can try a couple of fixes using your Android’s features. To be precise, you will first wipe your Android device’s cache partition and then, factory reset it if the wiping doesn't work.


I am using my Xiaomi Redmi for this tutorial. Your device might differ slightly.

How it's done:

  • Switch off your device. You can remove the battery if it doesn't switch off via conventional means and your Android’s battery can be removed.
  • Press and hold the Power, and Volume down buttons at the same time.
  • After a while you should be at the boot menu. From there, navigate to the "Clear cache partition" option with the volume buttons and select it with the power button.
  • Once this is over, you can go to the "Reboot device now" option and select it.

Hopefully, clearing the cache on your device should remove whatever bug was causing the "Android no command" error. If it doesn't, you may have to back up your data, and factory reset your Android device.

Here is how:

  • Get to the boot menu like you did before.
  • Once there go to the "factory reset" option and select it.


performing a factory reset will wipe all the data on it. If you would rather keep it, you can use an android backup tool to save all of your data with minimal effort. Here is how to do that.

Your device should boot up normally after that.

Use ReiBoot for Android to fix the Android no command error

If you would rather not have to worry about any of the above issues and instead would like to just fix your device with minimal hassle you should use ReiBoot for Android.

We recommend it because:

  1. It can be used on any device.”
  2. It offers a one-click solution to over 150 issues.

How you can use ReiBoot to fix the "Android no command" error

  1. Download and install ReiBoot for Android using the buttons below.
  1. Run it and plug in your Android device using a USB cable.
  2. After it's detected click on "Repair Android System".
  1. Next, click on "Fix now" to begin.
  2. After that, you will be taken to a page where you fill in some info about your phone. Check your phone's manual if you are missing info.
  1. Wait for ReiBoot to download the firmware for your phone or tablet and click on "Repair now" to install it.

Your Android will reboot and work properly.


Having your Android device malfunction just by restarting it can be a jarring experience. We understand that we are now more dependent than ever on our phones and tablets, so, it is very important to be able to fix them with ease. This is why we have compiled this list of easy-to-follow fixes.


1Does rebooting system delete all files?
No, rebooting your device does nothing of the sort. The only kind of memory that gets wiped whenever you reboot a device is the cache memory that only holds temporary data and should be cleared every now and then.
2What's the difference between reboot and restart?
The term "restart" is used for when we reinitiate our devices through conventional means. That means through the device's interface. "Reboot" on the other hand, is reserved for the forceful restart of any device, usually through button presses.