How to Add Movies and Music to iTunes

Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Ian McEwan

Add Movies and Music to iTunes

iTunes is one of the great tools you can use to manage your music and video libraries. For iPhone and iPad users, iTunes is indispensable as it enables the transfer of media between your PC and devices. Although the process is quite simple, it can often be challenging to add videos and movies to your iTunes library or create playlist in iTunes. Some files will simply not appear on your iTunes library no matter how many times you try to add them. It could be that the file format is not supported or simply because iTunes freezes. Regardless of the reason, it can get quite stressful if not annoying. Below is a brief look at how to add downloaded movies to iTunes.

How to Add Movies to iTunes

Before you attempt to add movies to your iTunes library, make sure the file format is right. iTunes only supports specific file formats including mp4, mov and m4v. If you have movies in mkv, wmv or avi extensions, you will need to convert them to supported formats. You can find a favorable converter like Handbrake to quickly change your movies to supported formats. It is also recommendable to test if the movie can play on Quicktime. Once the conversion is done, the rest is easy. Here is how to add movies to iTunes.

  1. Rename the video to remove any extra periods (full stops) that are included due to coding and ripping.
  2. Launch iTunes on your PC. Make sure you are using the most recent version of iTunes.
  3. On iTunes window, go to File menu and then click on Add File to Library. It should bring a window that allows you to browse your file. Press the alt key if you cannot see the File menu.
  4. If you are using OS X, use iTunes menu and Add to Library respectively.
  5. The added video will appear on the Home Videos tab. Click on the tab that looks like a movie strip to find your movie.
  6. You can move the video to Movies or TV Shows. Right click on the video and then select Get Info. On the window that appears, click on Options and then Home Videos to select the library you want to save your movie. Click OK to save changes. Moving your videos to a specific library make it easier to sync with your iPhone and other iOS devices. To add movies to your iPhone, simply plug it and click on sync.

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Can’t Add Music to iTunes? Check this out.

Now that you have learned how to add movies to iTunes, adding music will be a much simpler process. The only difference is your music will appear in the Home Music tab rather than videos. If you can't add music to iTunes, it may be because the audio format is not supported. Follow these steps to quickly add music files to iTunes.

  1. Organize the music files you want to add into one folder.
  2. Launch iTunes and click on Add Folder to Library.
  3. Browse the folder that contains your music and then click on OK to add to the library. It should now appear on Songs under the Music tab.
  4. If you have other songs in the library, finding your newly imported tracks can be overwhelming. To fix that, go to Playlist under the same tab and click on Recently Added Playlist.
  5. You can then select your songs and label them with a different artist name or album name for easy access and organization. Do this by highlighting all your tracks, right-clicking, and select Get Info. Click OK to finish the process.


Adding movies and music to iTunes should be an effortless process that takes a few seconds to accomplish. Provided you are using the latest version of iTunes and have the right file formats, the rest should work as explained above.