Accidentally Replaced File on Mac How To Recover It in 2 Ways

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Ian McEwan

Er… I think I just replaced my thesis accidentally on Mac…”

Many people around the world use Mac computers. They are usually great for creative tasks. Examples of these are photo editing, graphic design, and gaming. While using a Mac, it is possible to accidentally replace a file. This causes you to lose access to it. If the file was important, this error can be very inconveniencing. Thankfully, there are ways to get the file back. Here are 2 strategies which you can use for accidentally replaced file how to recover mac.

accidentally replaced file how to recover mac

Use the Time Machine application

This is one of the most convenient ways through which you can get back a replaced file in the Mac OS.

Time Machine is accessible in most installations of Mac OS. It is usually necessary to set up Time Machine after getting a Mac computer. Once you have done so, simply leave it be and continue working with other applications. If you have already set up Time Machine, here is how to get back a replaced file.

  • In the menu bar of your Mac computer, navigate to Time Machine. Once you’ve arrived there, pick Enter Time Machine
  • Using 2 fingers, swipe upwards on the Mac trackpad. You can also press the arrow which points upwards right next to the Finder window. These activities can help you to navigate until you find a specific time period when you still had the replaced file.
  • After reaching this backup time period, utilize the Finder until you identify the file itself.
  • Highlight the file and press on the spacebar. This will help you to preview the replaced file. If it is the correct version, click on the Restore option.
  • The file will be restored back to your active Finder window. Here, you can open it and manipulate the file as you wish.

Use Aiseesoft Mac Data Recovery to Recover Accidentally Replaced Filed on Mac

This is powerful software which can help you to recover literally all types of replaced files from your Mac. Aiseesoft Data Recovery can get back files such as music, photos, email, documents and videos. This file recovery software is your best strategy in case you lose a file due to replacement. Here is accidentally replaced file how to recover mac.

  • Begin by downloading the Mac version of Aiseesoft Data Recovery. After this, install it on your Mac computer. Make sure that it completes the installation process successfully.
Mac Download Mac Download
  • Navigate to this software in your computer and launch it. Ensure that it is running effectively before you proceed.Interface of Aiseesoft Mac Data Recovery
  • This software can help you to get back a wide range of replaced data types. Examples of these are emails, documents, video footage, and audio among others. Within the main window of Aiseesoft Data Recovery, find the data types which you want to replace. By default, all data types are actively checked and selected.
  • After that, proceed to find the specific disk drive where you may identify the replaced file. Select it.Select Recover Data from Mac Internal Hard Drive
  • Within this software, there are 2 main types of file recovery strategies. They include the Quick Scan and the Deep Scan. If you simply click on the Scan button, this accomplishes a Quick Scan. Otherwise, you can specifically choose to perform a Deep Scan. In order to recover your replaced file, activate the Deep Scan option.
  • The software will scan the selected disk drive for the file types that you indicated. After the scan is over, all the recovered data will be presented to you in the active window. Proceed to use a feature in this software which is known as Filter. It can help you to locate the specific replaced file which you want to get back. After you have identified it, simply check it.
  • Proceed to recover the file. This can be done by clicking on the button that is labeled Recover. Aiseesoft will automatically restore the replaced file for you. Upon completion of this process, you can save it in any location that you want for future reference.
  • Shut down the Aiseesoft Data Recovery software.


It is very disappointing when you accidentally replace a data file on your Mac. In case this happens, you should not worry. There are multiple strategies which you can use to get the file back. 2 main strategies are covered above. Simply execute them and you will get your replaced file back.

The best method is to use Aiseesoft Data Recovery. You can use it at no cost by downloading a free demo from its website. To enjoy the full capability and long term use, you can purchase the Mac version of the software. It costs only $29.97 for a lifetime license. Check it out now and recover any replaced files in minutes!